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„[…] You escaped the opera houses, when you could not improve in terms of quantity and went into the huge concert halls, the stadiums, arenas and TV.

Pavarotti: That’s what I’m very proud of.

But, you got also harshly criticized because of that. There are critics who wrote that you were no serious musician anymore, but only an entertainer, a show star. Does this offend you?

Pavarotti: The person who does not accept that a singer is an entertainer must be blind and deaf. Shall we only sing for connoisseurs or would-be connoisseurs? For those, who own the culture and wear a smoking? Is music only reserved for…

No, that‘s not what I wanted to say. These critics consider music to be affected by this kind of concert type. That it is turned into pop music.

Pavarotti: What? Do Plácido and I sing worse only because we sing in front of ten or twenty thousand concert goers? […]“*

Luciano Pavarotti’s words express that classical music and opera have to go where the people and the audiences are. Classical music does not lose its sincerity, its aim to express feelings and ability to touch the souls of the people because of this.

Whether classical music is performed in concert halls or open-air is only a question of scale. In the end it is important which kind of art is presented and how good the quality of the performing artists is and not if it is presented in a concert hall or an open-air concert.

Since 2003 this philosophy has lead us to stage performances like “The Lord of the Rings”, concertante productions like “Norma” and “Candide” , as well as a scenic performance of “The Magic Flute” at the Waldbühne and Open Air Events with Anna Netrebko and Lang Lang.

Classical music should not only be presented in concert halls and opera houses. Classical music and the correspondent cultural institutions have to open up, they have to get involved in social community work and have to face the problems of today´s society. No matter where and in which kind of way the audience is confronted with classical music, it is beneficial to them.

After a successful beginning of our agency we are looking forward to a successful future.

*In: Program „In concerto“ Pavarotti, Berlin, 22.04.1993, Deutschlandhalle